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THE RACING TO 5K challenge started on TUESDAY this week.

What that means, is today is our 3rd day of betting.

Day 1 - was pretty standard. We had a winner in and amongst the odd loser and at the end of the day, betting with very small stakes to preserve our £100 bank, we came away with a loss of about a pound or two. Quite irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

Day 2 - was yesterday....

We had 3 bets. 2 singles and a double. Both singles were for our horses to place (one to place top 3 and the other to place top 2). Again, we used small stakes to preserve our betting bank. This time, we won all our bets

So we took our bank into a nice profit with everything coming in.

Day 3 - which is today (THURSDAY 7th), I picked 7 horses. The bet that my members were instructed to place was a "single" bet on each of the horses to place. At the time of writing this, 5 of them have run and 5 of them have placed, meaning that right now, we're on course for a perfect day.

Again, we staked very small to protect our bank. The other reason for staking small is to iron out any teething issues that members may have in terms of locating markets (and boy have there been a few).

This is the list of bets that were sent out this morning:

and here's how it's going so far....

So we're on 5/5 with two more to run:

One thing to keep in mind...

We are early in the challenge and the best way to navigate risk... is to keep risk low and I've been doing that in the form of very low staking. I've also gone for the fairly safe route by picking PLACE bets. Today, maybe a little bit riskier in terms of the type of place bets because all of them are being back to finish in the top 2 spots.


Why it is best:

The bank has only grown a small bit so far. The reason is due to the lower stakes and less risky betting. That means you can still join early on in the challenge.

Truthfully, I said I would take on 50 members. I filled those spots up. One or two have dropped out but one or two have also joined today and I'm still willing to take on a few more for the next 24 hours.

If you're interested

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